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ROI of Mentoring eBook


As the makers of award-winning mentoring software, we have spent years focused on the practice of mentoring within professional settings. One question we often hear from clients and organizations interested in mentoring is: What data do you have to show the benefits and ROI of mentoring?

Our response: Check out our ROI of Mentoring eBook! This eBook contains survey results from participants within River mentoring software.

We’ve helped our clients attain success with mentoring and have an impact on their organizations in areas such as employee development, engagement, retention, and productivity. In fact, research we conducted with our clients highlights the enormous factor mentoring can play in the life of employees and in the success of organizations. This research plays a starring role in our ROI of Mentoring eBook.

Download your copy today to discover the powerful ROI numbers of River mentoring software.


How to Design a Mentoring Program eBook


We hear from people every day who need to start or expand a mentoring program, but who aren’t sure what steps to take. The big question we get is: How do I design a mentoring program for my organization?

Do you find yourself asking that same question? Then you’ve come to the right place.

In the How to Design a Mentoring Program eBook from River, you will find practical advice, tips for success, and examples you can follow to help you design a crowd-pleasing mentoring program. Regardless of if you run a program for 10 people or 10,000 people, we predict this eBook will become your go-to guide for getting it right when it comes to your mentoring program.

Download your copy today to get started.

4 Phrases to Use in Mentoring


How do you treat your mentee or mentor? Do you show her dignity and respect? Do you hold him in high regard? Do your actions match your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs?

During the daily grind, we may occasionally lose sight of our goals and purpose when it comes to our mentoring relationships. But this doesn't mean we have to lose sight of how we speak to and treat our mentees and mentors.

In this 4 Phrases to Use in Mentoring eBook from River, we share four simple yet critical statements we should all be expressing to one another. We explore why these phrases are important, why you should use them, and what you convey by saying these phrases. If you want to build a more genuine, caring, and meaningful mentoring relationship, then you need to know the four phrases that can help you get there.

Download this eBook today to start down the positive path of effective communication in mentoring.


Mentoring Health Assessment


Think your mentoring relationship has what it takes to flourish? Is it healthy and strong, or unhealthy and dysfunctional?

We know that competing priorities, bad attitudes, selfish behaviors, and more can stunt the growth of mentoring relationships, leaving people dissatisfied, unhappy, and unimpressed. Now is the time to do something about it!

The Mentoring Health Assessment guide from River, makers of award-winning mentoring aoftware, contains information that can help you evaluate your mentoring relationship and assess how healthy it really is. From characteristics to look for in yourself and your mentoring partner, to tips on how to set up your mentoring agreement, this eBook provides practical advice that you can begin using in your mentoring relationships today.

Get your free copy today and start engaging in healthier mentoring relationships.

5 Tips for Being a Better Mentor


Someone has asked you to be their mentor. Congratulations! Now what do you do?

River, makers of award-winning mentoring software, has the info you are looking for in our free 5 Tips for Being a Better Mentor eBook. Get the practical advice you need so that you can start being a world-class mentor today. And for all you mentoring program administrators out there, consider sharing this eBook with your mentors as an educational resource that can support them in their activities.

Download your free copy now to start learning how to be the best mentor you can be.


Building Your Mentoring Roadmap


River, makers of award-winning mentoring software, has created an eBook called Building Your Mentoring Roadmap to help you plan and execute how you can bring mentoring to more people in your organization. This free eBook looks at:

  • Different types of mentoring in practice today
  • Common organizational programs tied to mentoring
  • Problems mentoring can help overcome

The eBook includes worksheets for you to complete that will help you plot out your own roadmap for mentoring at your organization.

Download your free copy today to get started. Your employees will thank you.

How-to Guide for a Mentoring Revolution


Participation in mentoring has been linked to increases in workforce engagement, job satisfaction, and retention. We also know that mentoring can be leveraged to help increase employee performance by aiding our workforce as they prepare to take on new challenges, develop new skills, and solve difficult problems.

River, makers of award-winning mentoring software, wants to help organizations take full advantage of mentoring and all of its scalable benefits.  We want to get more people involved in this powerful practice! That's why we've created this free How-to Guide for a Mentoring Revolution eBook.

If you share our desire to broaden the practice of mentoring at your organization (without all the headaches normally associated with running a manual program), we made this How-to Guide just for you. If you dream of putting the power of mentoring into the hands of more of your employees and of widening the developmental impact it can have on your workforce, then it's time for you to join our mentoring revolution!

Download this guide to learn how you can revolutionize mentoring at your organization and increase the benefits it can have for your workforce.


7 Social Learning Strategies that Actually Work


Stop throwing your training dollars away and start helping your employees get real value from their experiences!

A 2014 Harvard Business School study suggests that through deliberate reflection and sharing of lessons learned with others, trainees increased their performance by 22%. By reinforcing training through crucial conversations, reflection, and learning collaboration, you can help learners cement newly attained knowledge and have a better shot at increasing employee performance.

Creating social learning cohorts is just one strategy highlighted in our free eBook, 7 Strategies for Social Learning that Actually Work! Download it today for six more social learning strategies!

Continuous Learning


Learning is an ongoing and continuous process that we need to support day in and day out for the benefit of our employees and our organizations.

In this free Continuous Learning guide from River, makers of award-winning mentoring software, we share the startling facts of how quickly people forget what they learned in training, along with a new learning paradigm model to help you envision what continuous learning could look like in your organization.

Learning is a continuum; it doesn't stop, and we may fall on the scale of beginner to expert in different ways depending on the topic. For example, a person may be an expert on emerging sales techniques or a new computer coding language, but a novice when it comes to managing a complex project or giving feedback to a subordinate. As we progress with our learning on a topic, we grow in our abilities and can share our know-how and experiences with others. This helps the cycle of continuous learning become a manageable endeavor for participants and L&D professions alike.

Download this eBook to discover what the new learning paradigm looks like, how you can use the learning continuum to identify ideal learning cohorts, and how you can embrace continuous learning throughout all stages of the employee lifecycle.

How-to Guide for Creating Learning Networks


Giving people a way to connect and learn from their colleagues is critical today. As a result, organizational learning and development needs to be driven by what we call networked learning.

In our free How-to Guide for Creating Learning Networks eBook, we explain why we have to give people a way to collaborate with one another that is personalized, relevant, and timely—while also being cost-effective for the organization.

This can happen with a new networked learning approach that consists of three learning modalities:

1. Learning Communities that provide on-the-job support.
2. Learning Cohorts that provide on-the-job action.
3. Learning Pairs that provide on-the-job guidance.

Each modality offers a unique value to learners and organizations. For example, learning cohorts help a small group of learners focus on specific developmental goals, curricula and agendas, which they can quickly put into action on the job.

To learn more about each of these modalities and how you can leverage them to create learning networks, download our eBook today.


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