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ROI of Mentoring eBookThe ROI of Mentoring

From employee engagement and retention, to productivity and collaboration, mentoring leaves a mark on the people involved. Get the inside scoop on how clients who use River's mentoring software rate their experience. The data included paints a picture of positive ROI for mentoring.

How to Design a Mentoring Program eBookHow to Design a Mentoring Program

Are you ready for mentoring at your organization, but not sure where to start? Or looking to expand your mentoring program, but unclear on what to do next? Look no further than this eBook from River for advice you can use when designing your mentoring program.

4 Phrases to Use in Mentoring4 Phrases to Use in Mentoring

You can say a lot with just a few sincere words. Here are four suggestions for what you should be sure to say to your mentee or mentor. How many do you use on a regular basis?

Download this eBookMentoring Health Assessment

Do you know what it takes to ensure your mentoring relationship is healthy and thriving? This eBook from River shares what to look for in yourself and others to help you have a healthy mentoring relationship, as well as offers tips on how to maintain a healthy mentoring network.

5 Ti5 Tipe for Beign a Better Mentorps for Being a Better Mentor

Be the best mentor you can be! Get tips in our free eBook on how you can engage your mentee, push your mentee, and help your mentee achieve success. Because even mentors can use a helping hand every now and then.

Building Your Mentoring RoadmapBuilding Your Mentoring Roadmap

The trickle-down effect of mentoring can lead to every employee in an organization being impacted. Learn how building a mentoring roadmap can increase the magnitude of mentoring in your organization.


Download Now!How-to Guide for a Mentoring Revolution

Download this guide to learn how you can revolutionize mentoring at your organization and increase the benefits it can have for your workforce.


Read MoreCreating a Modern Mentoring Culture

Mentoring has come a long way from the one-on-one exchange between an older mentor and a younger mentee.  Read Randy Emelo's September 2013 Infoline, published by ASTD, to learn how you can leverage modern mentoring techniques that harness the power of technology to increase knowledge transfer and improve productivity at your organization.

Click to DownloadHow-to Guide for Creating Learning Networks

In this eBook, we explain why we have to give people a way to collaborate with one another that is personalized, relevant, and timely—while also being cost-effective for the organization.


Download Now!Continuous Learning

In this new guide from River, we share the startling facts of how quickly people forget what they learned in training, along with a new learning paradigm model to help you envision what continuous learning could look like in your organization.


thumb river mentoring infosheetRiver for Mentoring (PDF)

Learn what sets River apart as award-winning mentoring software, and what you can do with the solution to make your mentoring program shine.


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