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Infosheets about Mentoring Programs

River for MentoringRiver for Mentoring (PDF)

Learn what sets River apart as award-winning mentoring software, and what you can do with the solution to make your mentoring program shine.

ROI InfosheetRiver ROI (PDF)

We conducted research with our clients and found that mentoring via River plays a critical role in numerous aspects of employee development, engagement, retention, and productivity.

River Admin FeaturesAdmin Features (PDF)

The administrative features in River give you as much—or as little—control as you want as an administrator.

High Potentials InfosheetHigh Potentials (PDF)

In high-potential programs today, the air of exclusivity should be replaced by a more open, collaborative environment where all leaders are challenged to elevate their own competencies and contribute to the development of others.

Diversity & Inclusion InfosheetDiversity & Inclusion (PDF)

River enables your employees to connect with the best people to get the knowledge they need, when they need it, regardless of age, gender, location, or title.

infosheet-millennialsMillennials at Work (PDF)

How does your organization respond to their needs and preferences of millennials while ensuring they are prepared and have the skills needed to be successful at their jobs?

Multi-generational Workforce InfosheetMulti-Gen Workforce (PDF)

Baby Boomers are getting set to retire. Gen Xers are taking on new leadership roles. Millennials are entering the workforce. How can you address all the learning needs of these unique generations?

RetentionRetention (PDF)

River offers a way for employees to build targeted learning connections and form communities that can impact their desire to stay with your company.

Training InfosheetTraining (PDF)

Want your training events to become less “single moment” and more “way of working”? River can help you extend the value of your training beyond the event itself.

Informal Learning InfosheetInformal Learning (PDF)

River uses focused learning engagements that blend structure with social elements and amplify the impact of informal learning to your entire workforce.

Content IntegrationContent Integration (PDF)

Take once static resources and transform them into dynamic learning tools with River.

River and xAPI IntegrationRiver and xAPI (Tin Can) Integration (PDF)

Ever wished you could track and report on informal learning? Now you can with xAPI (Tin Can) statements generated from River.


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