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Social learning remains a hot topic for organizations, especially as they try to ensure that they are leveraging the latest and greatest methodologies for developing their workforces. To make the most of this trend, your social learning strategy should include collaborative learning as a core element.

Collaborative and social—you might think they are the same thing...

The hype surrounding social learning can sound like an old carnival hawker at times. Social learning: The tonic to ease your troubles! With just a click here and a thumbs up there, everyone can know everything, and your company profits will shoot into the stratosphere!

Unfortunately, we know this is not the case. It takes much more than just a few lazy clicks of the mouse to make learning happen.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015 14:00


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As learning and training professionals try to blend technology with learning, it can sometimes leave people feeling confused, directionless, and disenchanted with their learning experience. In order to make the most of learning opportunities, we have to realize that technology exists solely as the enabler for us to bring learning to people in a new and different manner. However, to enact real change and bring real value to our learning efforts, we must...

Wednesday, 10 June 2015 10:00


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Do your learning initiatives offer opportunities for all of your employees to take part? Do you see value in people learning throughout their entire careers? Do you have an inclusive mindset about opening up learning programs so that anyone can participate?

Chances are you likely answered yes to all three of these questions. In theory, yes, we all want learning to be open, inclusive, and ongoing. But in reality, our learning programs do not tend to support and embrace each employee. 

We’ve all been there, sitting in a meeting listening to someone speak, when the person asks a question of the group. Cue cricket sounds. No one wants to speak up, and everyone is waiting for someone else to take action.

Now imagine that happening in a social learning environment when people only interact via technology. One colleague refers to this as playing “social chicken.” 

River was thrilled to recently receive three awards for our modern mentoring platform... While I could list many cool features and some awesome functionality that River offers, what I ultimately came down to is this: River helps companies solve real business problems. This is why River is winning awards.

I think most people can agree that organizational social learning is a process where people learn from other people in a corporate context. Seems simple enough. We are all on the same page then, right? Yes, until you get to application. Then you have about as many options and opinions as to how to accomplish the process we all call “social learning” as there are types of ice cream...

Wednesday, 04 June 2014 12:00


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Healthy and dynamic mentoring groups require one or more people to assume the role of advisor or group learning leader. This advisor should be someone who knows relatively more about a certain skill or has more knowledge and expertise in a certain area than the people who are in the group as learners. (And it’s worth noting that an advisor’s age and title should have no bearing on whether or not they are advisors.). That said, if you’ve been asked to advise others...


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