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Mentoring Resolutions3 Mentoring Resolutions for the New Year

It's not happenstance that National Mentoring Month falls in January, a month associated with starting over, resolutions and new beginnings. River's Laura Francis shares three mentoring resolutions we can start today.

Published by Training Industry, January 2018

TLD CastTLDCast: Randy Emelo Talks Mentoring

Randy Emelo spole with Brent Schlenker about mentoring during this TLDCast. They discuss a wide range of topics, from organizational development to elearning to mentoring. Watch it today.

Published by TLDC, December 2017

Mentoring and Special OlympicsWhat We Can Learn about Mentoring from Special Olympics

Laura Francis shares how she was inspired by the Special Olympics when she assisted her son in his SO debut. "Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt." Applying this to mentoring can be life-changing.

Published by ATD, December 2017

Superbcrew interviewRiver's SaaS Full-Service Mentoring Solution Helps Companies Address Intra-Organizational Mentoring Challenges

Chris Browning, President of River, sat down with SuperbCrew to share River's story, the challenges we help companies overcome, and the reasons why River is unique when it comes to business mentoring software and solutions. 

Published by SuperbCrew, October 2017

thumb transformative mentoring TJTransformative Mentoring

People often describe feeling transformed when they participate in mentoring. To help get everyone there, Randy Emelo describes three areas that can have a tremendous positive impact on mentoring relationships, along with ways that administrators can help support them.

Published in Training Journal, June 2017

Black Belt MentorsBlack Belt Mentors

Whether done informally or formally, certifying people to lead mentoring programs is an important component for success. Randy Emelo shares how to train mentors and leaders in this article, which features a case study on the U.S. GAO regarding this issue.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, September 2017

More than the MatchMentoring: More than Just a Match

Too often, mentoring leaders think their main work is finished once the match is made between mentee and mentor. Nothing could be further from the truth. Randy Emelo explains what other tasks administrators need to tackle to make their mentoring programs work.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, May 2017

Read articleModern Mentoring Means Business

Today, like never before, mentoring is being used to shape a different kind of work culture – one that is connected, responsive, and growth-focused. Randy Emelo writes about the critical reasons why this is happening. 

Published in Association Adviser, April 2017

Mentoring Tips5 Tips for Being a Better Mentor

Could you be a better mentor? Laura Francis has five quick and easy tips to improve your relationship with your mentee. 

Published in Training Journal, March 2017

Read MoreThe Essentials of a Mentoring Platform

Mentoring is a very personal development process, focusing on the specific learning needs of those engaged. As such, technology should simply be an enabler that allows organizations to scale the practice of mentoring. Chris Browning looks at five factors that should be part of a mentoring platform.

Published in Training Industry, March/April 2017

Read MoreNeed Help Developing Soft Skills? Get a Mentor

Laura Francis describes how the safety and intimacy of a mentoring relationship can help participants learn to communicate more effectively, become better listeners, and be more empathetic.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, March 2017

Read moreGAO Learning Center Rolling Out New Mentoring Program

Randy Emelo spoke at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) as part of the Leadership Speaker Series. He discussed concepts from his book, Modern Mentoring, and helped prepare attendees to be a part of the new GAO mentoring program. Highlights can be found here.

Published in GAO Management News, February 2017

Listen to this podcastModern Mentoring Podcast

BlueBottleBiz recently caught up with Modern Mentoring author Randy Emelo in his Denver office to ask him about modern mentoring, the state of traditional corporate mentoring programs, and developing people throughout the employee lifecycle. Listen to this podcast.

Published on BlueBottleBiz, February 2017

Listen nowMentoring in Government Podcast

In this episode of The Public Manager podcast, Ryann Ellis interviews Randy Emelo about the value of mentoring to government agencies.

Published in The Public Manager, February 2017

Read moreMentoring in the Middle

Agencies need flexible and effective ways to promote employee growth. Randy Emelo describes ways that a robust mentoring program can help in this article.

Published in The Public Manager, February 2017

Read moreBring Out the Best in Yourself, Others

Mentoring can be one of the best learning exercises leaders can do for themselves and for others. Laura Francis of River shares three reasons why in this article.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, December 2016

Expert AdviceExpert Advice

The most appropriate advisors aren’t always atop the learning heap. An ideal advisor may be just a step or two above the learner. This article from Randy Emelo shares stories from US LBM and Cognizant, and includes ideas for how to engage learners at all phases of the employee lifecycle.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, October 2016

Questions in LearningAsk Me Anything: The Power of Questions in Learning

When answers are simply given to people, they don’t learn how to solve the problem themselves. Randy Emelo shows how questions can play a critical role in learning, and offers practical tips for bringing questions into learning activities.

Published in Chief Learning Officer, August 2016

Mentoring AgreementsCreating an Effective Mentoring Agreement

Establishing the groundwork for your mentoring relationship is a key element for success. Laura Francis looks at how a mentoring agreement can be the foundation you need, along with factors to consider when creating your mentoring agreement.

Published in Peer Bulletin, July 2016

Read moreA Special Blog for Special-Needs Caregivers

Sarah Sipek of Workforce penned an awesome blog about Laura Francis, our Marketing Director at River, who shares what it's like to have a child with special needs and what employers can do to support their employees. We're proud to have such a great culture here at River.

Published in the Working Well Blog from Workforce, April 2016


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