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Denver, July 17, 2013 --- KnowledgeAdvisors, the leading provider of analytics solutions for talent development professionals, and Triple Creek, the market's leading provider of enterprise social learning and knowledge sharing software, today announced a new partnership deal between the two companies that will leverage the strengths of each company's products and allow for seamless coordination of referrals and service to the marketplace.

This new partnership will connect the power of structured competency-centered learning engagements available through River from Triple Creek with the critical follow-up of a learning analytics system and data evaluation through Metrics that Matter from KnowledgeAdvisors.

"Through this partnership, we will be able to provide a truly inclusive set of products that complement one another and that can help organizations realize the full potential of their social learning investments by gathering and evaluating crucial data," said Randy Emelo, president and CEO of Triple Creek.

Bersin by Deloitte, in their Corporate Learning Factbook® 2013, said that U.S. companies spent $13,675 on average on social learning tools and services in 2012, and they state that one of the strongest predictors of a high-impact learning organization is learning measurement.

"Bringing together the work we do at KnowledgeAdvisors and our focus on helping organizations better allocate human capital investments through practical learning measurement guidance and strategies is a perfect match for the focus of learning that Triple Creek provides with their River social learning software," said Jeffrey Berk, Chief Operating Officer of KnowledgeAdvisors.

The strategic partnership between KnowledgeAdvisors and Triple Creek will allow both companies to focus on what they do best while providing strategic value to each organization's customer base.

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